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National park Brioni - Croatia

Islands of Brioni – Heaven on Earth


Islands are located in the northern part od Adriatic sea . They consist of 2 large islands, Large and Small Brioni and several smaller islands. The total area of islands counts 44 km2. In 1983 islands were declared as national park because of its peculiar beauty.

Brioni Islands magnificant mixture of culture and nature, in one place. The climate is mild Mediterranean, with many beautiful bays makes the perfect combination for man from the old times. Small islands, counting more than 100 archaeological sites, some of those date back from the Neolithic period. They were popular as health resorts and their presidence residency, which was visited by statesmen from many countries around the world.

Island keep secrets five thousand years old, many legends and stories of which one is best known and it is that angels gathered the remains of heaven and protect them by the sea waves. The perfect harmony of nature, flora and fauna make this island a genuine paradise on earth. It is surrounded by turquoise sea, green island is streaked with numerous hills, meadows and valleys.
Brioni islands certainly are one of the most beautiful place in Croatia. In addition to the classical vision of holidays, many tourists are visiting Brioni in the form of scientific tourism, to see paleontology remains of dinosaurus movement.

Tourism on Brioni:

Perfect place for a tourist who wish to experience a dream holidays
Islands are considered as one of the most attractive congress destination, given the long tradition of organizing numerous national and international conferences.
Given the perfect conditions, tranquility and peace, hotels and villas on the coast, will provide a great place for a creative holiday.
For accommodation in Croatia visit:

Hotels in Brioni are: 

Karmen and Istra-Neptum (congress hall Katrum counts 300 seats and two smaller conference halls Verige and Gradina).
Besides working atmosphere that conference halls provides, you can relax yourself on many cocktails parties, dinners, disco or live music, exhibitions, etc.
Addition to the above mentioned we advice any tourist who came to visit island of Brioni to take a organized guided tour and learn more about this islands.
Yes i do day in Brioni

For those who are inloved and can not deside where to say their weeding vows, magic churc of St. Germains offers romantic atmosfere with the sounds of violine. Escape from everyday routine, and make memories that for a lifetime. Your perfect day will surely stay in unforgettable memories.
Take Tito's cadillac and photograph magical Mediterranean countryside. On meadows beside deer and mouflon which are authentic animals, safari park offers a magnificant scenery, Indian elephants Sony and Lanka, zebras, Somali sheeps, antelopes, and Indian cattles walking around and leaving you speechless. 
Sports activities on the islands are offering more and more every day. Brioni is currently offering to its visitors a multitude of outdoor sports including golf, tennis, archery, cycling and electric cars.

Monumental monuments recommendations to every tourist on holidays in Brioni:
1.       Roman castle with spa
2.       Temple of Venus
3.       Castrum of Byzante
4.       Basilica of St. Mary
5.       Church of St. Germains

History of Brioni islands:

If you go far in the history of Brioni, you will find that it started to develop in Bronze Age by their inhabitants. Many ruled in Brioni starting from the Romans, over Byzantines, Venetians, Hungarians and at the end wealthy industrialist bought Brioni in 19th century and made them a modern resort. Because of its impact Islands became part of the aristocratic world. A numerous scientists, industrialists and wealthy elites were visiting Brioni at that time.  Among the famous visitors certainly have to mention Emperor William II, who came to Brijuni 6 times and the Austro-Hungarian ruler Franz Ferdinand. Josip Broz Tito came to Brioni in 1947, after this visit Brioni are staring to be his residence. Among the famous personalities who were invited by Tito, we must mention Sofira Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Josephine Baker.

We tried to bring you a little peculiarity of this island, however we advise you to come and experience Brioni on your own way. Have you dream holidays just here.

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